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Green Tide Pool Kit


Meet the Green Tide Pool Kit, the perfect way to create your own tide pool masterpiece!

Your new tide pool kit is designed for confident beginners and intermediate crafters with some embroidery or general crafting experience. With this kit, you will have access to educational resources that will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful tide pool that you can be proud of.

This kit is rated a two out of five difficulty level on our Crafty Confidence scale.

You love to create, but finding the right materials and guidance can be a struggle. The last thing you want to do is spend hours researching and gathering supplies. With the Green Tide Pool Kit, everything you need is included, so you can focus on crafting and creating...right away!


You love crafting and creating unique pieces

You want to improve your needle felting and embroidery skills

You're looking for a kit that includes everything you need

You're inspired by the beauty of the ocean and tide pools (because... who isn't?) You want to create your own one-of-a-kind piece and display it on your walls


With the Green Tide Pool Kit, you can create a stunning tide pool without the hassle of gathering too much/not enough supplies. You can let your creativity flow and create a unique piece that reflects your personal style, with step-by-step guidance from us. Plus, you'll be able to improve your embroidery and needle felting skills along the way, while having fun! This can also be an excellent meaningful gift to one of your loved ones!


SIZE: The box is 7” x 7” x 3.25”, and the finished tide pool is 5” in diameter.


  • 5" embroidery hoop
  • 3 needles
  • 1 needle threader
  • 1 heat erasable pen
  • 3 colors of yarn
  • 3 colors of wool roving
  • 3 colors of glass beads
  • 3 skeins of embroidery floss
  • 2 squares of felt
  • 2 squares of quilters cotton
  • 2 sizes of needle felting needles
  • Foam felting mat 
  • Full-color booklet
  • 1 pair of embroidery scissors
  • 1 paper pattern

PACKAGING: The Green Tide Pool Kit comes in a beautifully designed box that's perfect for gifting.

CONTENT: This kit includes everything you need to create your tide pool, including wool roving, embroidery thread, beads, needles, and a detailed instruction booklet.

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INSTRUCTIONS: The kit includes a full-color, detailed instruction booklet to guide you through the process step-by-step.

You'll gain not only a beautiful piece of art, but also a sense of accomplishment and pride in your crafting skills. Start creating your own unique tide pool today. It's kinda addictive!

Amy Reader Artist is all about helping creatives achieve their crafting dreams through high-quality materials, projects, and detailed instruction for any level. Join the Fiber Family and get stitching!

Get your Green Tide Pool Kit today and experience the joy of needle felting and embroidery!