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Three images together in one header image. The far left image is a blue, multilayerd fiber art piece. The center image shows Amy, a young white woman, holding a piece of fiber art in her hands. The final image shows coils of wool from the top down and a pair of hands sewing them in the bottom right corner.

Amy Reader is an Asheville-based fiber artist and educator. She works primarily with wool, yarn, felt, and thread. Her work explores tiny moments of joy found in the natural world, translated through her vivid sensory experience as an autistic artist. 

Amy has been a professional artist since 2018. She was named one of The Rising Tide’s 20 On The Rise in 2019. In 2023, her solo show Beneath the Surface was featured on the Hello, Rose City! Artist Corner on KGW in Portland, OR. 

Amy splits her time between creating her artwork, teaching workshops, and creating educational content for her Patreon.

You can contact Amy at:

P.O. Box 8046

Asheville, NC 28814