5 Things Friday - Birthdays, Tennis Rackets, & Waffles

5 Things Friday - Birthdays, Tennis Rackets, & Waffles

5 Things Friday - Birthdays, Tennis Rackets, & Waffles
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For the second installment of 5 Things Friday, I am coming to the end of a week that has not been the best for me or my family. You can read further about that on this post here, but in summary, as I write this, I am in transit to Indianapolis for the memorial service of both of my maternal grandparents. However, this practice I’ve adopted of looking for positive things daily doesn’t stop in times of grief, and if anything becomes even more important. So here is week two of 5 Things Friday:

Birthday preset - serger - Amy Reader Artist in Charlotte, NC
  1. It was my birthday this week!

Tuesday was my birthday and Adam, my husband, and I went out for dinner at a great vegetarian restaurant and had carrot cake! Adam, my mom and two sisters all pitched in and got me a serger for my birthday as well! I’ve been making a lot more of my own clothes lately and have been wanting a serger for several years so I am very excited to try out my new machine! It will be a little while because we are traveling for a bit so once we are back home I will get to sewing!


Display of handmade work by Amy Reader at Meraki Handmade in Greensboro, NC

  1. I set up my work to be sold at Meraki Handmade in Greensboro, NC

A little over a month and a half ago I had gotten an email from Meraki Handmade about selling some of my pieces there, and after sewing like crazy to make enough things I brought my first batch of inventory up to Greensboro on Thursday! I’m so excited for the opportunity to have my work in a brick and mortar store where people can actually see and touch the work. I made a collection of necklaces, some pins, and brought some hand sewn wall hangings there as well! Now I can add a very fancy “stockists” tab to my website! And if you are in Greensboro or passing through, pop in and send me a picture!

Woven tennis racket by Emma Young (@eay.creates)
  1. I saw this woven vintage tennis racket on Instagram

It was made by @eay.creates, aka Emma Young, and I am obsessed! I love the combination of the stiff white tennis racket strings with the soft roving and yarn added on. I just wanna touch it! Her other work on her page is beautiful and tactile as well, but there is something about this tennis racket that I just love! She makes other weavings and embroidery and her whole feed is a pastel wonderland!


  1. The Libby library app for audiobooks

As I’m transitioning into that work from home life, I’ve been trying to find better things to listen to that just the same playlist on repeat (even though I love it) or 8-10 hours of NPR. Enter Libby! I have a free account by being a member of the library and I have listened to so many audiobooks already through the app! You can also download ebooks! I am on the hold list for a lot of them and it can take a little while to get a copy, but hey, it’s free and I’ve listened to some good books already! I listened to Educated: A Memoir (and wrote about it last week), A Man Called Ove, The Hate U Give, The Power of Habit, and more! It has become a great way to keep my brain thinking while I sew!


  1. Travel!

Adam and I have been planning a trip to Europe (Amsterdam, Germany and maybe Belgium, we’ll see!) and we leave on Monday! We are going to Indy for the weekend to be with my family, and then flying out and we’ll be in Europe for a little over a week! Adam is looking forward to watching a Dortmund soccer/football game and I’m ready for some waffles. I saw stroopwafels on the Great British Baking Show this past season and have been wanting to try them ever since! Also, windmills, and art, and pastries, and biking, and many other things that I am looking forward to this coming week! Adam and I both have been working pretty nonstop for the past few weeks and having a break together to relax and travel is so exciting.

In addition the list I had already prepared for this week and this post, with the loss of my grandparents, I am particularly grateful that this week last year Adam and I were able to go to Indiana to visit them. They had not been able to travel to NC for our wedding in September. Adam was able to meet them and I had not seem either of them in several years. Both of their children, three out of their five grandchildren, and all three great grandchildren were there to celebrate my Grandad’s 80th birthday together.  

Happy Friday friends and prepare yourself for many pictures of waffles next week!

<3 Amy

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