Amy Quoted on Apartment Guide and Redfin

Amy Quoted on Apartment Guide and Redfin

In a bustling urban landscape where space is a commodity, crafting a place for artistic expression within the confines of an apartment can seem like a daunting task. Yet, between square footage and practicality lies a world of creative possibilities. 

Creating an art space within your apartment isn't just about carving out a corner; it's about curating a place where your imagination can thrive, inspiration can flourish, and self-expression can live. Whether you are renting an apartment in Boston, MA, or Portland, ME, this ApartmentGuide article which we are featured in will share expert tips for you to create the perfect art space in your apartment. Be sure to check out Artistic Oasis: 15 Expert Tips to Create the Perfect Art Space in Your Apartment.


Read Amy's quote below: 

8. Place down a large rug

Placing down a rug in your art space not only adds warmth and comfort, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere but also can be a safeguard to protecting your space.

“To safeguard my security deposit in a rented space, I always lay down a large rug in my creative area,” shares Amy Reader, Fiber & Installation Artist. “I enjoy the freedom of finding unique, large rugs through platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Goodwill, knowing that I won't fret over them getting dirty during my creative process. I strive to find the largest rug that can fit in my space, and I delight in selecting colors that complement my aesthetic and patterns that can easily conceal paint spills.”

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