Freeform Wall Hanging FAQ

 Your wall hanging questions answered:


When are the next round of custom order spots available?

May 20th at 9 am PDT is when the next round of slots will be available for custom wall hangings.

Image of a custom freeform wall hanging hand sewn by Amy Reader. It hangs in a bedroom setting with books on an end table with pillows next to it.

Here you will find all of the most commonly asked questions about the custom freeform wall hangings and some helpful images!

How big is it?

The mini size is approximately 8” x 8” with a depth of about 1-1.5” The center coil is about 4” in diameter and it has a total of 5-9 coils.

The small size is approximately 10” x 10” with a depth of about 1-1.5”. The center coil is about 5” in diameter and it has a total of 7-11 coils.

The medium size is approximately 13” x 13”  with a depth of about 1.5 - 2”. The center coil is about 6.5” and it has a total of 10-15 coils.

There is some slight variation in exact sizing due to the organic nature of each piece.


How do you hang it?

Each wall hanging has a small loop on the back made of yarn in a contrasting color that fits snugly inside of a standard picture hanging hook like this one. Hanging hardware for drywall is included. They also hang securely with command hooks that are intended for Christmas lights - find those here.

 Hanging hardware on freeform wall hangings by Amy Reader

Is it just for walls or can I do something else with it?

These pieces are intended to be hung on a wall. If you are unable to hang it, the piece could also lean against the wall on top of a shelf or dresser. However, once it arrives in your home, I cannot stop you from hanging it, or not hanging it, however you please just know that the original, artistic intention is for it to hang on a wall.



How heavy are they?

These pieces are very light as they are sewn entirely out of fabric. Each piece weighs less than a pound, or two kilograms.


How do I take care of it?

If you have pets in the house, I would recommend going over it with a lint roller as often as you would do your normal dusting as it will pick up a bit of dust and hair over time. If you do not have pets, the piece can be lint rolled as needed if there is visible dust or lint. The wall hanging is made of fabric and can fade with direct exposure to sunlight over time, so choose a hanging location that gets indirect light.


What does the back look like?

Like this:

Back of freeform wall hanging by Amy Reader 


How long will it take?

Expect a 4-6 week lead time for custom work. You will receive regular email updates throughout the process.


What exactly does custom mean?

Custom means that you will choose the primary color and two main accent colors of your piece. You will sign off on each of the main phases of the process: the center coil and the accent coils. We will be in contact throughout the process and you will receive process photos and have final approval before it is shipped!


Any questions not covered here? Send me an email at and I'll get back to you ASAP!